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I, Jean M. Temple, being of sound mind and body,
do hereby sever all ties spiritual, familial,
emotional, financial, and legal and do denounce
any familial relationship to the Kennedy family,
past, present, and future, including but by no means
limited to the following individuals:

Edward M. Kennedy ("Teddy")
John F. Kennedy ("JFK")
Joseph P. Kennedy ("the Patriarch")
Vladimir Putin ("Alexander") [their latest protege].
The Kennedy men have not been noted
for their honorable treatment of women
and the above-mentioned are the worst case
scenarios of what is in the vernacular referred
to as "mother f______".
Pearl S. Buck got it right in her book The Kennedy Women
when she inferred that the Chinese have the right idea --
the father shot the son who brought dishonor to the family;
of course this implies that the father was honorable.  A distinct
difference from the Kennedy family where the father
simply says "his mother spoiled him [Teddy]."
By the Grace of the Lord God Almighty,
so sworn this 5th day of March, 2004.

Jean M. Temple,MBA

Signed, Sealed and Delivered,
Jean M. Temple, MBA